Stony Mountain... in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Are you looking for a haven from the storm... a place where children (and you) can play in the woods... where you can sit on your deck in the evening, enjoying the clear mountain air and listening to the squirrels chattering?  Stony Mountain is 115 miles and a 2-1/2 hour drive from Washington, DC., far away from the rush, the crowds and the traffic.  Instead of the city noise, you can hear pileated wood peckers tapping out their evening meal and calling to their mates.  Yet, only fifteen minutes away is an old Coca-Cola bottling works, transformed into a concert venue by a lively local arts council.  World class musicians perform for under $20 a ticket... even less if you join the arts group.

Three lots, all with panoramic views of the green, rolling hills of West Virginia, are now available on Stony Mountain.  Short Mountain Vista is 5.1 acres on the gentle crest of the mountain, facing east across the valley toward the bluffs of Short Mountain and its 8,005 acre wildlife management area.  The Top 10 is 10.1 acres and faces west toward Nathaniel Mountain and its 10,675 acres of wildlife preserve.  The 10 acres of the Vineyard (seen above) look north across the ridges and valleys toward Maryland.

We have lived on Stony Mountain since 1998.  We can sit in the hot tub on our deck and watch the stars sparkle in a black sky. Our cabin is rustic but it is home to us, two dogs, four cats and six guinea hens who march in close order across the yard, sit on our roof, and warn us about intruders.  We love it here; we love the peace and quiet and the natural beauty.  We love it so much we were inspired to pen the following lines of deathless verse:

      • A country road makes the heart beat free,
      • Dancing in forest mystery.
      • No human voice, let stress unwind
      • Trade a muddy car, for a satisfied mind.

If you would like to know more, the tabs on this and other pages will give you more information.  The Parcels tab displays an aerial view of Stony Mountain and the location of the lots that are for sale.  It also contains a table with the lot names, their size and price.  Clicking on the parcel's name in the table will take you to pictures and a description of that particular parcel.  Once there, clicking the browser back button or the Parcels tab will return you to the previous page.

The Location tab will display a map of Stony Mountain in relation to Washington D.C. and the surrounding area.   The More Info tab contains links to other web sites that have additional items of interest about the local area. And, the Contact Us tab contains several methods of getting in touch with us.  Our land is shown by appointment only. So, please give us a call before you visit and we'll be happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have.

Note: The picture above is a view of Stony Mountain while looking south on Heide Cooper Road.